March 1, 2014

COS // In the Bleak Mid Winter

A blessed Lord's Day to you all!

When words cannot come into one's head, there is a bit of a problem while writing up blog posts. I could tell you that so many things have happened over this past week that Charlotte and I almost neglected this Classy On Sunday. I could tell you that I am quite fearful for this upcoming month of March – never have I seen a March come in like a lion more than this one will – we are going to be frightfully busy with singing events! I feel like I am stuck in that lurch of Ready, Set, Go! so that nothing I do really seems to be satisfying, or worth my time. For once, I think I am actually nervous about how busy we are going to be! But then something catches my attention...

I remember deep down within my soul the passage in Proverbs: "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all you ways acknowledge Him and He will direct you paths." Proverbs 3:5-6. This short reminder in Scripture is like a balm, or salve on my aching, worried mind. We are to Trust, which means the opposite of doubt, and which spurs us on into that frame of mind in which nothing but God's mighty hand can move or shake us. Trusting in someone is hard to do. Trusting in the Lord almighty should be easy, since we know that He will work all things out for our good and ultimately for His glory. Ah, but then we become snagged by that suspicious feeling of, "I know He will work all things out for my good, but sometimes that working can be painful!" Yes, with trembling hands I write that it can be painful sometimes. But that pain is needful.
We are being chiseled when we have to trust. God leads us through uncomfortable times to bring us to a higher state of righteousness in Christ. In some ways I feel like Abram when the LORD first revealed Himself to him, and commanded him to depart from his fathers house to travel far away into a land Abram did not know. He could have said, "no, I don't want to; I can't do this thing." But he did. And he did it through the strength of faith in the LORD. Abram TRUSTED the LORD to fulfill all that was promised to him, and was blessed in countless ways because he traveled through a time of not knowing.
I do know what our schedule looks like; I know where we have to be and at what time. But I don't know how things are going to turn out. That is where I have to let my doubts fly to the wind, releasing me from the bondage of foreboding, and walk towards my Savior with all joy and peace. He is leading me day by day. He is going to help me throughout this next month by giving me the spiritual strength to be cheerful, loving, encouraging, and strong when things get tough. I can do all things because I have the strength of my Savior in my very soul! God be Praised! God be Glorified!
Last week when I put this outfit on, I was after a mid-winter look, and this is what I got! I have been trying to wear my eShakti dress this Winter, but with all of the bitter cold Sundays, I was certainly not going to freeze during Service just for the sake of pretty attire! However, last week we finally hit the 40s, so I pulled my dress on without hesitation.
Believe it or not, this teal sweater actually used to be a real wool dress! It was one of my first purchases from the women's clothing department in the early teen years, and for a while I could wear it with no problem. Then one Sunday Mom pointed out that I was a little too curvy for the dress, or else the dress had shrunk a little, so it was no longer the best of modest dresses. It served its time in the back of my closet for a good while after that.
One winter day, two years ago, I was inspired by the girls, who had been busy refashioning old clothes, to pull out this wool dress again and fix it up. I made the daring cut up the very front, finished the knit edge, and sat back to think. What would give it a cozy, rustic, historic feeling? I found some cotton lace stashed away in our inexhaustible ribbon box, and got to work again. It was a difficult job, since I was not well acquainted with the girl's sewing machines, and of course I was quite stubbornly set on finishing the job without any help. Oh dear! ;) However, despite some uncertain moments, I can say I pulled off my first attempt at refashioning pretty well. It has since been the last.
I am a sincere lover of neutrals. Thus there are many things in my wardrobe that are of the same palette, making it quite easy to mix and mach various outfit pieces. When I put on the dress I automatically reached for this refashioned sweater dress, coordinated stockings, and topped them all off with my skinny belt, and cowgirl boots. I think I shall wear these boots out, they go with everything! :)
eShakti Khaki dress // Refashioned JC Pennies Dress // Thrifted Belt // Dingo brand Boots // Target Stockings // Borrowed Hat

I hope and pray that you all have a blessed week! For those of you who are still facing the bitter cold, stay warm! It looks like we're in for another blizzard over the weekend!


The eldest sister & singer


  1. I love refashioning clothing! it's so refreshing and brings great satisfaction, great job!
    I like how you said, "i know what my schedule looks like, but i have no idea how it will turn out."
    Thats so true! I feel the same way and often have minor stress issues about it. It's so cool to see how God works everything out :)

    1. Thank you Abigail. I am so glad I am not the only one who must go through stressful times. I am thankful for your transparency. We are to be transparent with one another that we might build each other up in love and strength, that our walk with the Lord might be fruitful.



  2. Beautiful post, Jessica! Your words on trust were what I needed to hear today. Also, your outfit is darling! I really like the indoor photography approach you girls took this time. What a lovely green wall. :)

    1. Why thank you, Paige, for the kind complement on our green wall! Its so funny, that shade of green has not ceased to receive complements since my Mom first walked into this house and almost cried at the beautiful color the walls were painted. That is one of the things I am so grateful for in regards to this lovely home - we didn't have to paint hardly anything! What a blessing that was!

      I am so glad that my words were a blessing to you! When I read your comment you blessed me bay saying such a solacing thing. May the Lord see fit to gird us up in His strength that we might run this race with insurance!

      Blessings to you Paige!


    2. I'm so glad to have blessed you back! :)

  3. This post flowed fabulously Jessica! It was wonderful to hear of your restfulness in the Lord, basking in His faithfulness!

    Oh how I love your style! It is just craziness- I was just thinking last night your very words of how much my wardrobe can mix because of my love for neutrals!! I was also wondering if my readers have picked it out yet...I try to mix it up! :)

    You ladies have been during a tremendous job on your indoor photo shoots! Amazingly lovely!!

    love in Him,

    1. Huzzah for we neutral love'n gals! I will say, Cassie, that I knew right off whose camp you were in, and if we were placed in the same tent, I sure we could find lots of clothes to swap! Ha ha! Those colors for me are truly the best, although I will say that accents of brightly colored accessories are necessary ever so often as well. :)

      Kudos to Charlotte and her new lens!

      Thanks for stopping by my friend!



  4. I love this outfit! I too love neutrals, and you look so good in them!!!

  5. I just adore your photography: classy, wholesome, reflective of God's beauty. :) Thank you so much for this.

    1. Wow! I am so thankful for those words! You have no idea how hard my sister Charlotte works to help you all see the beautiful side of our sinful beings! She is truly fantastic, and I am constantly in complete appreciation for all she does to make our blog look wholesome and lovely.

      Thanks for stopping by Aspirer!



  6. I think this is my favourite of your outfits so far! It's so simple yet so... decorative, for lack of a better word. The neutrals make the sweater pop, the lace is a lovely addition, and it's a refashion?! Plus, it has a really nice historical-like style to it that I love.

    I certainly do hope everything works out for you. The future can be daunting...

  7. Jessica, these photos are so beautiful!!

    This outfit is striking because it is so unique, and yet so pleasing. I just really love its femininity!

    Like you, I am a sincere lover of neutrals--and maybe it's just me, but I find it hard to come across simple neutral shades when looking for clothes. Oh, and I love the shade of the sweater-dress you re-fashioned.

    One more thing: I am happily surprised by the scripture verse you quoted, specifically Proverbs 3:6. At this time, I am going through big transitions in life, with lots of mystery regarding God's plans for me, and I have begun to cling to that verse: "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct thy paths."

  8. Oh my! This outfit is adorable!
    What an ingenious way to refashion a too small dress!!
    I never would've guessed you didn't buy it as a jacket (?)
    A modest fashion blog:


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