March 4, 2014

Jessica // Paper Flower Parlor #1

Hello everyone,
It's great to be back with a "fresh" new start on my Flower Parlor series, only this time, it is on the crisper side. Thats right! I am still doing something with flowers, paper flowers, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! How's about you take a peep with me as I introduce you my new workspace, mediums, and delightful array of colors!

Sometime last year, after the fresh flower season was long gone, I began looking for a craft to occupy my free time. While we were out at a library sale, I happened upon an old book whose subject matter discussed the how to's of making your own fake flower arrangements. The book called for a variety of fabrics, wires, thin cellophane, plastics, and lots of buttons and beads. It looked doable, but I still wasn't quite into it. Later on in the year, I was browsing through Pinterest (one of the best sources for creativity's odds and ends, don't you agree?) and came across a brand-new paper flower book called, "Paper to Petal, 75 Whimsical flowers to Craft", by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell. When I looked further into the book, read the description from the authors' website, and reviews from other artists and crafters who live in the land of crepe paper, I was hooked. "All I want for Christmas... "
Christmas came, and with it, my brand new, much beloved, "Paper to Petal", as well a generous monetary sum to fund my new dream of creating paper flowers. Thanks Dad & Mom! I was on my way!
As the days progressed, I found enough time in the late afternoons to begin my journey of learning how to fabricate my very own buds, flowers, and blooms of all varieties. As I would stand at my post (down in our frigid basement), I began to slip into a routine of crafting these blooms while listening to some audio book. It was delightful, but terribly cold. I complained of this to Mom, and she suggested I move up to my room. The idea! In my opinion, my room is meant only my nightly repose and acts as the repository for all my wordily possessions. So of course I couldn't possibly set up shop in my room. Its just not done!  
However, I knew that if staying warm really mattered to me, which it did, then there might be a possibility of my breaking my "sacred" rule. I also knew that my room was the coziest room in the entire house (don't ask me how that is possible, you all know of one room in your own homes that stays pretty much the same snug temperature all winter long, I'm sure.). But before I could say no, Mom came down one day to say that it was time for me to move, as she was going to start another sewing project and needed the space I was taking up. Well, I obliged.
From the lovely images Charlotte has capture here, you all can see for yourselves what a resplendent space my little desk serves in the crafting of my flowers. I do love it now! The bright warm yellow desk top reflects so much light which is a must for catching all of the tiny detail work that goes into the flowers. I also no longer have the chilled finger syndrome, ha ha! Really it is much more fun to work in a space that is truly all your own, and nobody to come and break up the silent ticking away of the hours. I can truly get in mode. Then the magic begins...
First I normally start with the stem of the flower, that is once I have the petals prepared (I have been using 22 gage fabric wrapped floral wire, which I will admit is a little on the flimsy side when using heavier papers other that crepe, but I have learned to manage.) The wire stem is wrapped in florist tape, a stretchy tape covered in a sticky adhesive. The tape I'm using here is a metallic gold.
Next a center is selected, then taped to the stem. The petals are then arranged next, and I will say that there are about a half a dozen ways to arrange and wrap them onto the stem. I will go into greater detail in the upcoming posts.
Once taped, the petals can be left as is, or they can be curled, pinched, stretched (crepe paper stretches), etc.
You can see I am in the middle of some audio book. iPhones are the best.
Then you have a finished bloom. This one could be left as a simple little thing, but I need the flower to be much broader, with a little more fluff.
So I added white crepe. Cloud-like and simple.
The whole flower, so long as it is crepe, is secured by wrapping the floral tape tightly around the added elements. Because of the sticky adhesive, the flowers will have no issue of falling apart, and as soon as the tape has been stretched and applied, the stickiness becomes hard and solid. This makes for an excellent stem.
Ah my wonderful book of inspiration! I keep all of my crepe paper behind it, so it is not a far reach when I am getting ready to cut out the desired petals.
And there you have it! My this was a long, detailed posts! Perhaps I will put up a video of what paper flower crafting really looks like? Mmm... We shall see...

Do you have any questions about the crepe paper flowers?
Have you ever been scooted up to your room to craft or perform some hobby?
What are your thoughts on paper flowers as opposed to fresh cut flowers?
Were you inspired to pick up this delightful craft?

May the Spring weather come to your door soon!




  1. I use the dining room when I sew, so yeah I am frequently booted out. But I usually knit and that is portable. I want to put the book you on my Amazon wishlist. I have pinned tons of paper flower tutorials (Martha Stewart has gorgeous ones) but I have never tried any. Btw, I wasn't sure if the apricot orange flower was even paper until the close up of it; it looked so real!

    1. Hi Livia!
      Its so wonderful to hear that I could be of help in sourcing a book on this exquisite craft! To tell you the truth, I find it a little hard to not make my flowers look real. When it comes to recreating something that already exists, I have to make it look like the real thing. A curse it may be, but it gives me a challenge comply to that desire, or to go against it.

      Thank you every so much for sharing your thoughts! Im glad there are more wannabe flower crafters out there besides myself!



  2. What a wonderful past-time for you Jessica! It is so important to keep busy! :)

    Your writing is splendid- I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Since, as you know, my own time consumer is sewing and that of needle craft, I have never got into paper crafts as a whole. Though I do enjoy crafting up a special gift wrapping, taking time to put effort in letter writing, and join my brother when he takes out his origami.

    Oh, and Charlotte's photography is just amazing! Please do tell her so! She captured everything like a dream...
    Your skirt and fabulous desk are such a delight!

    much love dear,

    1. Thank you Cassie! Mom and the girls sometimes complain that I just can't seem to write short and sweet posts. I just can't! It is not my style. I must express my thoughts and past experiences with you all, or else I feel like I only did half of a good job. So thank you for that kind remark!

      I did tell her! She greatly appreciates any compliments on her photography. :)

      I am glad that we can see your sweet comments pop up on our blog!



    2. I'm so glad! Rebekah and I seam to have a bit of conflict every once in a while about how we write- especially how short her posts usually are. Everyone is different- I love your posts! :)


  3. Those flowers are so beautiful and detailed! The yellow pansy looks so realistic!! I think paper flowers can be just as lovely as fresh cut and they certainly last a whole lot longer! I found a tissue paper flower kit in the town dump's swap-shop years ago. It only made giant peonies so I went through the materials in just a couple of days. Sadly, it was pre-pinterest and my interest in crafting was just beginning to "blossom." I wasn't aware I could get more materials at the time and quickly moved on to other types of crafts. This post has piqued my interest to look into paper flower crafting again especially since this New England winter has been terribly long and cold and your flowers look so bright and cheerful!

    1. Oh hooray! I can't tell you how excited I am to have brought a keener desire to your heart to make paper flowers of your own! That is exactly what this series is for! Hopefully as the weeks go on you will be able to pick up all of the neat tricks I have learned, and better yet, discover where I source my materials! This is going to be a lot of fun!

      I hope you will stay tuned!

      Looking ahead,


  4. These blooms are nothing short of tiny, endlessly lovely works of art. Each one is stunning - really and truly!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! I can't wait to show you the newest creations I have been busying myself over the past two weeks! I'll give you a hint of who they were inspire by, Disney Princesses. Ok, perhaps I just gave it all away, but I couldn't wait to share the news!

      Hope to see you next week!



  5. Recently, I was thinking about crafting some paper flowers myself. Some of the rooms in my family's home could use a splash of prettiness, and of course paper flowers will last a long time. ;)

    After seeing this post, however, I can see that there is more to this art than I was aware! And LOTS that can be done. Truly an artistic craft!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. How pretty! My housemate made a few giant paper roses a while ago, but has not attempted crepe paper flowers since, in part because the paper is so tricky to find. It looks like quite a soothing craft to work on.


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