February 28, 2014

Brigid // Inspiration & Links that I Love

Hello there! Today I thought I would share with you all some images and links that I have found interesting and inspiring lately. Isn't the lady's ensemble above just scrumptious? I never would have thought of pairing an embellished sweater set with slacks and platform heels, but it is just so cute looking! I may have to try this look out at some point. If and when I can find the perfect slacks, heels and sweater set. :)


While we're on the topic of ensembles and fashion, aren't these ladies' dresses and outfits just divine? I want to copy all of them!!! Especially those blouse and skirt sets. Hmm... maybe that's what I can use some of my chambray material for: a 30's blouse!

Isn't the picture on the right just comical? It's a prediction from the 1950's as to how tall the women of the 21st century would be. Not quite accurate for my sisters and I, though!

I have been using Gutermann thread exclusively for the past few months with my machine sewing, and I'm loving it! The quality of the Coats & Clark thread just was not cooperating with my vintage machine, but Gutermann's quality suits my needs just perfectly.

Aren't the gloves on the right so fun? These were sold during World War 2, and the V, as you can see, stood for Victory in the war!

Oh Goody! We get to review a few spring trends!!!

I love the idea of sprucing up the ever present floral theme for springtime wear by making 3D flowers directly on the fabric of the dress! Now I just need to figure out what future project I can incorporate this idea into.

And as far as the dress on the right goes, I LOVE the fact that they didn't make it horribly immodest! The model is actually wearing a slip underneath (for once) and the overall design is so elegant. Of course if I were to make a copy, I would have to make a few, tiny tweaks (i.e. hem length of the slip).

I so admired the animal printed tees that Anthropologie put out last year and I was so excited to find this copycat tutorial by sewcaroline.com! If I ever get around to making myself some more t-shirts this summer I am definitely going to have to try this one out.

Last but not least, we have a few sewing tips and techniques! What else would you expect from an inspiration post written by a seamstress?!? :)

On the right is a french bias binding tutorial from Burdastyle (click through the link to see it). I haven't come across this technique in a while and was pretty glad that I rediscovered it, since I have a project that is perfect to try it out on.

One more thing that I have been learning a bit more about recently is figuring out your correct pattern size. It turns out, as you can see per this tutorial from Oliver + S, that you should probably be using your high bust measurement to determine your pattern size. But I would highly recommend clicking through and reading the whole article before you go and buy a dozen patterns in the hopefully-right-but-it-might-be-wrong size.

Have any of you heard of the french bias binding technique before?
Have you used your high bust measurement to buy the correct size pattern before?
What do you think of the two spring trends that I presented above? Which is your favorite?


the Middle Sister and Singer


  1. Very inspiring stuff, Brigid! thanks for sharing.
    I'm loving the first picture/ensemble. I find it awesome how just an old photo can spark such interest.
    Aren't those 30s dresses fun? I love winter, but now that March is here i can't wait to frolic about in the sunshine in pretty floral dresses. Can't wait to see your new creations!

  2. The 30's outfits are lovely! You should certainly make something along those lines. :) I also like the idea of the floaty white, lacy dress.
    Oh, and that picture of the gals rising to new heights is so funny! I do believe the average height is a bit higher now, but *hem* I towards the 1900 end of the spectrum. ;)

  3. Neato! Love this Brigid!
    Isn't it odd how the kind of thread makes such a difference?! I have learned alot this year about it. Especially for my treadle machine- I have discover that when I use Coats Cotton, I have to do an extra loop around the tension other wise it is far too loose....But when I use Gutermann, it has the perfect consistency. My favorite thread for hand-sewing is Dual Duty...such a nice cotton plus their colors always seem to match wonderfully!

    Thanks for your time!

  4. I love the first picture you posted---I think her hair up-do is lovely, and if I were able, I'd love to try imitating it! And I do like the 1930s picture of the group of ladies. Their outfits are wonderful--and I do think it's amazing to see that they weren't bone-skinny, which is our only idea of physical beauty today.


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