September 30, 2014

Remembering WWII // Fellowship

Remembering WWII // Fellowship
Hey y'all! Wow! What did I just say? Y'all? Really? Yep, really. That is what you get for staying three days down in Linden Tennessee–the pretty contagious way of speaking about the third person plural. Haha! Oh dear! Well, it was such a crazy whirlwind of hours of fellowship, meeting person after wonderful person, and singing–can't forget the singing part–that I am not sure we three will be able to do justice to this week's account of Remembering WWII. But many things must be said. Okay, no going back now... Let's begin with the time our family spent in fellowship with everyone who gathered for this momentous occasion.

September 27, 2014

Classy on Sunday // Windy Day

Classy on Sunday // Windy Day
Hello ladies (assuming we are talking to ladies here ;)! By this time, we girls are in the thick of the Remembering WWII event that I blogged about on Thursday. Let me tell you, things down here are swell as can be, and we girls have a whole slew of posts recapping the event coming up soon!

September 26, 2014

Advertiser Love // September Edition + A Pocket of Whimsy Giveaway Winner!

Advertiser Love // September Edition
Hello my dears!
Guess what! It's another "Guess Who" edition on our monthly Advertiser Love post! We have some pretty fabulous things to display from our wonderful advertisers once more and we hope to peak your interest to go and visit their websites, shops and blogs. Don't forget to guess who picked what!

September 25, 2014

Remembering WWII // It's Almost Here! (+playlist!)

Remembering WWII // It's Almost Here!
Hey all! Today I have some fun "behind-the-scenes" snapshots to share of our prep-work for the Remembering WWII event down in Linden, TN this weekend! Wait... did I just say this weekend?! Squeeeee!!! Ok, now that I have let my five year-old squeal out, let's move on, shall we? :)

September 24, 2014

Contemplations of an A/W Wardrobe

Contemplations of an A/W Wardrobe
Hello Dearies! How's the weather out there? Here in Ohio it's been chilly in the mornings, pleasant at noon, and just chilly enough at night to make you want to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket. Such weather has started my mind to contemplating what my Autumn/Winter wardrobe will look like this year, since quite a bit of that portion of my wardrobe will not last me another winter.