March 6, 2014

Tips For a Better Blog // Tip #1

Tips for Better Blogging / Tip #1
Hello all! Today I am going to start a new blog series (we're big on blog series here at BFS, I guess!) entitled: "Tips for a Better Blog". Over the past months and years of blogging and adventuring in graphic design, I have picked up some useful tips and methods that I think might be beneficial to share with you bloggers out there. I know I have been requested to do a post or two like this, so here I am at last! Yay :) Now, I must disclaim that I am no expert what so ever! I am not perfect, and I am still (definitely still!) learning about the wonderful world of the web. These tips that I hope to share with you over the next few weeks are simply methods and principles that we girls have found helpful, though they may not necessarily be beneficial to you on your blogging journey. Just keep that in mind as you read these posts, and leave me feedback on what you think of this series!

Tip #1
So, the first tip that I am going to share is about adding a break to your posts. I'm sure you've noticed that for every post you view here on BFS (and many other blogs), you have to click through a "read more" link in order to view the post in full. When I first discovered this feature, I had mixed feelings about it. It seemed like an annoying link that just added up on my time that I spent reading that blog. I didn't fully open up to this feature until I read this post on blogging. Now if you've ever wondered what the benefits of this seemingly monotonous feature are, that is what I'm here to share :)

  • You get more page views. If you think about it, each time a person clicks on a link that leads to another part of your site, that increases your overall page view income. So, with the "read more" link plugged in, your page view amount goes up! And to this fact I can truly testify.
  • It saves loading time. When your posts are displayed in full, the browser has to load all the type and photography of the posts, on top of all the widgets and blog design; which really adds up the time it takes to load your blog (especially if you are an image heavy blog like us!) Now, unless you really, really love the blog or website you are visiting, or your curiosity is very peeked, you probably don't spend more that 15 seconds to wait for the website to load. With breaks in your post, it cuts down on load time and provides you with a greater possibility of new readers and greater statistics (which is always a good thing, right? ;)
  • It provides your readers with a better experience. When you land on a blog for the first time, you typically want to find out the who, what, where, whens, and whys. Well, adding a break in your posts provides your readers with the "whys" (i.e. the content of your blog) on a nice silver platter. You don't have to browse for miles in order to get to the next post, and the reader can choose more easily the post that interests them, without having to filter through the content of all the other posts.

Now that you all are convinced (or not ;) about adding a break to your blog posts, let's learn how! Because I have only worked in the Blogger platform, I only know how to add breaks in Blogger, though I am sure that there are plenty of tutorials out there for you Wordpress or Tumblr users. All you have to do is select the little torn paper symbol on the toolbar of the post editor and it will add a post break to wherever your curser is. Because this is a link, it will be in the default style you have set for your links. If you would like, I can share a tutorial on how to customize the break link! Let me know in the comments :)

Many blogs like A Beautiful Mess, Into the Woods, and Melissa Esplin (just to name a few) don't have this feature, and yet are still efficient and popular, so that design works for them. Others do have this link plugged into their coding, and it works quite wonderfully. Adding this widget to your blog posts honestly depends upon what you like, and what you think would be best for your readers!

What do you think of post breaks?
Annoying? Beneficial?



  1. Ah Ha! I have been wondering how that is done! Already I have learned something!
    This is going to be great!

    Thanks SO much Charlotte!!

    of Calico Sisters

  2. Oh- and I would love to know how to edit it!!! I think that I will add this to our blog! I really like the attributes of it!

    Thanks dearie!

  3. I always thought that post breaks were rather annoying, but you made some very good points, and I may end up adding this to my blog. I would love to see a post on how to change the break text!
    I recently posted on my blog about a blog party that I'm going to have in June. I thought that you girls might be interested, so if you want to check it out, here's a link-

  4. Yes that is very true! Love these tips, something is can really consider :)

    new post,

  5. N.Kelly3/06/2014

    Hey Charlotte! Thanks for this very informative post! I think you just won me over to post breaks. :) I'm looking into starting a blog so I've been reading a lot about blog design lately. I'm really excited to see the rest of this series!

  6. Oooh, I think I shall benefit from this series! :) Already, I'm off to see if I can add a post break...he heh. ;) Thanks Charlotte!

  7. I always thought of page breaks annoying, but now that I see the benefits it's something I might actually consider! My blog has a lot of pictures and it does take a long time to load sometimes, so this could be very useful. Thanks Charlotte!


  8. I think I'll read this series carefully, thank you!


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