March 5, 2014

Outfit // Belles on Their Toes Inspired

Happy Wednesday Dearies! I hope you all are having a splendid week so far. The other day, after watching the movie "Belles on Their Toes" (1952) (the sequel to "Cheaper by the Dozen" made in 1950) I was greatly inspired to put together an outfit inspired by the film, which resulted in the photos you see here.
If you all have read the books these two movies were based on, you will know that the events in Cheaper by The Dozen took place in the 1920's. However the movies were made in the late 40's, early 50's, so the costumes have a bit of a late 40's edge to them, which of course appeals to this 40's fashion loving gal.
Handmade Blouse // Thrifted Skirt // DSW Oxfords // Target Socks // Gifted Watch
I wanted to get my look as close as possible to Ann and Ernestine's in the movie, including the makeup. I didn't pay that much attention to the latter while watching the film (too busy taking notes on the fashion ;P), but thankfully Charlotte had, so she gave me some tips on how to achieve the makeup look. Basically I did a cream colored base all over my lid and just below my brow. On top of the cream on my lid I applied a light brown and accentuated it along my crease line. I applied a bit of mascara to my lashes, a touch of blush to the apples of my cheeks, and finished off with a red lip, stained with my Mary Kay lipstick (I applied the lipstick thoroughly and then rubbed most of it off to achieve the "stained" effect).
As for my hair, I brushed down the main section to just about my ears and to within two inches of the ends of my hair, and then fluffed out the remainder of the curls at the bottom and the sides.
As far as my outfit went, I noticed that the daily uniform of the girls in the film was a loose blouse (sometimes jersey like mine) and a pleated skirt paired with some sensible shoes. So I took my 1940's inspired knit blouse (you can read the post on that here), and paired it with my pleated wool skirt (for some reason the pleats didn't show up that well in the photos. Sorry!) and my leather oxfords. The whole look, loose blouse, simple makeup, etc. was quite different for me, but I rather liked it! In fact I liked the makeup so much that I think it will be my staple look for quite a while.
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Have you ever been inspired by a movie to try a new fashion/makeup look?
What movie have you ever been inspired by most fashion wise?
Have you read/watched Cheaper by the Dozen or Belles on Their Toes?


the Middle Sister and Singer

P.S. In case you all haven't seen Cheaper by the Dozen (the movie) or its sequel, I highly recommend watching them (make sure you get the 1950 and '52 versions, and not the modern Cheaper by the Dozen)! The family aspect and hilarity are marvelous, and the morals are quite conservative compared to today's standards. I think they are my two new favorite family films.


  1. I have never seen those movies, but I've heard they are funny!
    I love that make up look on you!! I would definitely keep it. :)

    1. I just had to add that the 2nd and third to last pictures are stunning. You look so grownup and beautiful! Tell Charlotte she did a wonderful job on the photography. :)

  2. Very nice outfit Brigid. I really think this is a wonderful color for you:)

  3. Such a wonderful outfit. It looks great on you and thanks for explaining your makeup. I love old movies that were made to depict previous eras, making a mishmash of fun fashions!

  4. I have seen both movies and love them SO much!! You blouse is looks very pretty and very 1940s! The light purple reminds me so much of Spring! I would love to know if you have any tips on sewing knits. I have only tried (and failed) once. Even with the zig zag stitch the material still seemed to stretch a little too much.

  5. Such a lovely outfit! I have seen "Cheaper by the Dozen" but didn't even know that a sequel existed! Thanks for sharing :D

  6. How wonderful to have a blog that was so instrumental in your own site's progress as a sponsor! I'm really happy for all of you lovely ladies.

    This is such a charming, classic ensemble. I'm especially fond of your brown shoes. They are as timeless as the day is long.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your wonderfully nice comment on my 1940s outfit post today,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Goodness! You captured the film perfectly! I would have guessed it right off!
    Charlotte has outdone herself again! The photos are divine and you look amazing! :)


  8. Nice job on the makeup, outfit, and photography. The makeup looks great on you, Brigid! :)

  9. The whole effect of this outfit--clothes, make up, and all--is so lovely for you, Brigid!

    I do love this outfit post--and the living room setting is perfect as a background.


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