August 15, 2014

Advertiser Love // Guess Who!

Advertiser Love // Guess Who!
Happy Friday everyone! Today, right on schedule, is our Advertiser Love post, but this time with a twist! Shamelessly borrowing the idea from A Beautiful Mess' Sister Stuff post, we decided to turn this month's Advertiser Love post into a "Guess who?"! Can you guess which column (Left, Middle, or Right) belongs to each of us girls? Ready, set, go!
Advertiser Love // Guess Who!
Our Favorite hair accessories from Lilla Rose

Advertiser Love // Guess Who!
Our favorite Jewelry from A Pocket of Whimsy

Advertiser Love // Guess Who!
Our favorite articles from Clever Bunnies

Have you guessed which column is who's yet? I'm on the left, Jessica's in the middle, and Charlotte is on the right!

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Did you guess correctly?
How did you know who's was who's?
Shall we do this type of post again?

Have a blessed day!

the Middle Sister and Singer

CREDITS // Author: Brigid Boyer; Photography & Images from their respective sources.


  1. Yay I was correct!! :)

    I am so happy to see both of your new advertisers for blogs here! What wonderful ladies they are!

    A Pocket of Whimsy has such adorable pieces!!

    Much love,

  2. I got Jessica right, but I was sure Charlotte's was left. :) Fun post!

  3. Anonymous8/16/2014

    What are each of your favourite Andrews sisters song? And who is your favourite Andrews sister?

  4. Each of our favorite Andrews sisters songs? Oh, it is so hard to choose! It really depends on the day. Right now we all really love "Oh Johnny! Oh Johnny! Oh!", and "That Everlovin' Rag". As far as who is each of our favorite Andrews sisters? Jessica likes LaVerne because she was the peacemaker, Charlotte loves Patty of course, and I, Brigid, pretty much like all of them.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Oooh! You answered! (Why did I comment in Anonymous?)
      Squeep, I love 'Oh Johnny'! I love basically any Andrews Sister's song, they are all so great. That Everlovin' Rag is sooo good too. (Get your fingers snappin' you feel you've got to dance... heehee, you've made me sing now)
      I love all three of them too... and yep, I understand why Charlotte loves Patty- she's a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Maxene and LaVerne are awesome too. I didn't know LaVerne was the peacemaker.... interesting!
      My favourite Andrews Sisters songs are 'In the Mood' and 'Chanatoga Choo Choo.' I love them all though. I'm a BIG Andrews Sisters fan, thanks to you! So, a BIG thank you! I can't tell you how highly indebted I am!


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